Stylish people rejoice! The choice of fat SUV’s with a reclining roofline is growing, the mighty Rover Rover Sport is about to join the ranks.

A Range Rover Sport Coupe? A new formula for a Range Rover but an oh-so popular recipe for BMW and Mercedes Benz. These brands have had huge amounts of success with the their X6 or GLE Coupe for that matter. So popular that more, smaller models are in development.

Currently in development over at JLR is the car in the gallery, one posted online by AutoBlog. It’s clearly a Range Rover with a reclining roofline and with a car this far into the development process, it can only mean that the car will see daylight.

Image Credit: KGP Photography

Little other facts are out there currently but it’s safe to assume that the Range Rover Sport Coupe (let’s call it that for now) will have the same choice of engines and equipment as the normal Range Rover Sport. For now we’ll have to wait for the rest of the information to land, but I can already hear the Germans cringing in fear. This is going to be good.