Porsche has announced that it will put the Cayman GT4 Clubsport Rally in production. But they have one condition before giving it the green light.

The first time we saw the dirt jumping GT4 Clubsport Rally was last summer. It might be strange at first sight to see a Porsche on a rally stage but as a matter of fact. You’ll see them more often than you’d think.

The prototype GT4 Clubsport Rally was built according to the FIA’s R-GT regulations. This is a class that has plenty of lightly modified production sportscars to fill up the race group. Porsche doesn’t have much interest to participate in this class with a factory team. But Porsche’s head of motorsport, Frank-Steffen Walliser, said that if they could sell 100 units of the GT4 Clubsport Rally that they would seriously consider fullfilling the needs for this race class.

They also believe that if they enter this race class, other manufacturers will follow. After all, it was Porsche who started the GT3 segment and look how big that is nowadays. Same example goes to the GT4 class. It wasn’t untill Porsche decided to join that it became popular. And now it is a race-class with 11 manufacturers.

As for the Rally Cayman. The car keeps its 380 hp 3.6L flat-six but gets some good skid plates to protect the underbody of the car for the unevitable beating that it’ll get for sure. With it’s pockets deep in customer road racers it’ll be no surprise to see a lot of interest in this Rally Cayman.

After all, who wouldn’t love to drive a mid-engined RWD racer on rocks and dirt?