Meet the eighth generation of the 911 called the Porsche 992. Porsche managed to create a faster, more powerful and more digital 911 evolution while retaining true to its roots.

Just as expected, the Porsche 992 makes its global debut at the 2018 LA Autoshow. The current 991 has been among us for 7 years so Porsche decided it was time to renew their timeless sportscar.

Completly new yet surprisingly familiar 

At first sight, the Porsche 992 looks very familiar to previous generations. No wonder since customers have been loving this style for over 50 years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But looking more into the details and you’ll start to notice that the new 911 has very much changed compared to its predecessor. The emphasis is performance and that can be seen in the cars arches. 20-inch up front and 21-inch in the back. And due to those wider hips at the back, it looks like a modern day 993.
The increased width makes the slimm centerbody pop-out better, giving it an hourglass figure. The electronic pop-out handles further accent the streamlined design that the 992 is going for. The front bonnet features a bigger recess nodding back to the design of the classic 911’s. Going back around and the rear area features a much wider variable-position rear wing than ever. Under the wing houses the seamless lightbar that was introduced in the previous generation 911.

The heart of the 911, the 3.0L turbo flat-six has been further improved and now produces 450 hp. This is thanks to a new injection system and new turbocharger layout. The Carrera 4S will hit 100 kph in just 3.4 seconds with the optional sports chrono package. Without it, the time rises to 3.6 seconds and 3.7 for the Carrera S. Flat out it’ll tick past 300 and stops at 309 kph.

Digital revolution

The dashboard features straight and clear lines with recessed intrument clusters below. The biggest change probably is in the center console. Where there was once a button for every function of the car. It is now replaced with a touch screen. The PDK handle has also undergone a massive downsizing. Where it once was a big handle you could use for shifting as well, it now seems that due to its smaller size, that isn’t its purpose anymore.
The new PCM is 10.9 inches big and features permanent connectivity to further future proof this 911 generation.

In terms of new technologies, Porsche has developped a Wet Mode that detects water on the road and preconditions the car’s systems whislt displaying a message to the driver suggestion he should switch driver modes. Night Vision Assist with thermal imaging is a new optional feature on a 911 for the first time.
The PCM now also has a few applications like Porsche Road Trip to help you plan, organise and navigate on special trips. The route it suggests includes various hotels and restaurants along the way as well as special points of interest and viewpoints.

The new Porsche 992 911 can be ordered right now and will be available as of March with a price of 120.000 €

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