Porsche is celebrating its 70th anniversary with the 991 Speedster Concept. The 500 hp open top GT car is the brand’s last iteration of the 991 generation.

The 991 Speedster is Porsche’s anniversary mode that links between the original Porsche 356 Roadster from 1948. The 991 Speedster represents the brand’s essence wrapped in a modern suit. Providing a pure experience is what this car is all about.

The drivetrain technology underneath this beautiful body is taken from the GT car segment of Porsche. The 991 Speedster has been designed in the same facility as the latest 991 GT2 RS and 991.2 GT3 RS.

A few of the changes on the exterior of the car include a shorter window frame with a more inclined windscreen to stay true to the full speedster philosophy. The striking double bubble rear element that defines a Porsche Speedster has been made out of carbon fiber and houses a roll-over protection.
The 2 black slats between the humps provide a greater aerodynamic efficiency while the transparent rear window is engraved with the 70th anniversary of Porsche. The car really represents 50’s race style with the central fuel filling cap, talbot shaped wing mirrors and another subtle racing hint with a transparent cross over the main headlights.

Below the bodywork houses the internals of a racing car too. The chassis is adapted from the latest GT3 and sitting on 21-inch Fuchs Design center lock wheels, a first of its kind. The heart of the car is the same 4.0 flat-six you’ll find in the GT3 producing 500 hp with a redline of 9.000 rpm. Hooked up to that is a titanium exhaust which you’ll hear a lot of when you’re driving the car. And last but certainly not least, to keep the pure experience in place is a manual transmission.

The 991 Speedster is advertised as a concept vehicle but make no mistake. This car will enter production before the introduction of the 992 generation and it will mark the end of the 991 days forever.