Pininfarina is a Italian design company and it is bringing a new model to Geneva, the teasing has started.

Pininfarina is starting rather late with the teasing compared to the rest of the industry, but that’s no bad thing at all. Creating models for big manufacturers, one-offs or concepts, that’s the game they play. Sadly not very well as the company is currently 52 million in debt. The model teased is the first under the new Indian owner Mahindra, one that is determined to turn positive numbers.

Pininfarina you such a tease

The model teased by the Italians can only be two of the three things mentioned earlier, being a concept or a one-off. It shows the nose of what appears to be something potent, showcasing aerodynamic properties only sport cars and ricers have.

Just under a month and we’ll bring you the entire new package live from the Geneva Motor Show.