Paris is here and that means lots of car news, new models and of course leaks! Anticipation was high for the upcoming motor show in the city of light.  Especially concerning all the electric vehicles that were announced.

Paris 2016 was looking like an EV-offensive and it did just that, many brands delivered on their promises and others presented realistic plans. Could the EV revolution really, really happen? It sure looks a lot more realistic. We’ll list the most import news concerning the electric vehicles that were launched at Paris 2016.


Only recently did Mercedes-Benz announce their ambitious plans to electrify their lineup. In that short time the brand developed a concept and launched a full electric drivetrain for their entire Smart division. The Fortwo, Fortwo Cabrio and the Forfour have all been launched as short range-EVs. Realistic range comes in at around 160 kilometers, a lot more than you’d want to drive in a city in one day. The 17,6 kWh batteries can be charged in just 45 minutes, after which you can drain them with the 82 horsepower enige. Did we mention it’s positioned as a city-EV yet?


Mercedes didn’t stop with the electrification of their lineup there. They announced the name of their EV sub-label on which you can read up here.  Named Generation EQ, it stands for Electric Intelligence and it is aimed at Mercedes-Benz models solely. Words like Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric were all thrown towards us during the presentation but don’t let the fool you, these models comes with serious range according to the brand. Up to 500 kilometers. Now they just need to dump the whole concept look and we’ll take them seriously.

Generation EQ, Exterieur ; Generation EQ, exterior;


Volkswagen launched two EVs at Paris 2016, the new Golf-E and a concept that offers a look into the future. The Golf-E is really just an update of its technology and a small facelift. It now looks more like the Golf GTE and comes in with 50% more range. That range is now a serious 300 kilometers, still behind on the competition sadly.

Their biggest trick at this years Paris show was the Volkswagen I.D, a concept that should be production ready in 2020. It will become the forefather of a 30 member big EV-family launched by the Germans. It will literally be the forefather as it will be the first to use the brands new platform named ‘Modular Electric Drive Kit’. The brand claims a range between 400 and 600 kilometers, now we’re talking.



Opel already announced that they were going to launch the Ampera-E at this year’s show in Paris but that doesn’t make the Ampera-E any  less impressive. Opel claims an unrealistic range of 500 kilometers but a realistic range of 380 kilometers with the WLTP-testcyle. That is some seriously impressive range, enough to get rid of some range anxiety. We hope. Its usability doesn’t stop there however. It offers a 204 horsepower engine and nearly 400 liters of luggage storage. But before you run to your lease-contracter; no prices have een announced yet.


No range anxiety: The new Opel Ampera-e revolutionizes electro-mobility.


French car maker Renault also wanted a piece of the proverbial EV-pie. They updated their Zoe’s batteries and that’s all really. But this update did turn the car into a serious contender rather than just being a gimmick. Smaller battery packs are still available but the new 41 kWh and its 400 kilometer range is bound to be a favorite. No other changes have been done to the model however.