Novitec is mostly known for its crazy Ferrari tuning but it also likes to tweak Rolls Royces. Introducing their latest creation, the Dawn Overdose.

The Spofec Rolls Royce Dawn Overdose is Novitec’s latest creation and it’s continuing the recent widebody trend. 

Spofec (meaning SPirit OF Ecstasy) is a part of the Novitec group, a bunch of crazy German Tuners.
The Dawn Overdose (a very fitting name) has gotten a massive wide body transformation, the front has been widened by 13 cm’s. And inside those curvy arches you’ll find massive 22-inch wheels in any color you desire.

As you’d expect, power has been increased as well. Not that the regular 570 hp Dawn is slow or something but you can never have enough power. It’s now churning out 685 hp bringing the 0-100 kmh down from 4,9 seconds to 4,6 seconds. Torque is also up and at 980 Nm’s, that’s enough to trump the new ZR1‘s torque figure.

Spofec also offers an optional carbon ceramic brake system for this two and a half tonne beast. With 405 mm discs up front and 395 mm in the back it reduces unsprung weight by 38 kgs and should provide a decent stopping power.

Finally instead of swapping out the suspension they’ve hacked it by plugging in a remote control for the air suspension. This allows the car to sit 40 mm lower than normal but at high speeds, it’ll go lift back up to normal.

It’s not subtle, not at all but it looks like the perfect summer cruiser for cities like Cannes, Monaco or Miami.

Let us know what you think of this creation down in the comments, good or bad?