German Tuner Novitec has finished their Novitec Aventador SV kit and it’s exactly what you expected from them; high quality tuning for about anything you can think of present on the car.

The Novitec Aventador SV kit follows in line with the Torado kit known for the base Aventador, many of these tuning options have found their way to their latest product. Tuning the topmodel of an automotive product, Novitec and their German precision seemed to have pulled it off. Without making it look like a clowns-mobile that is, the Novitec Torado Lamborghini Aventador SV is here.

“Shape and design of the individual aerodynamic components are based on extensive wind tunnel testing…” – Notivec

Most apparent of the tuning options is the aero, with a large list of options is available. The Novitec Aventador SV kit offers side skirts, a different rear wing, various scoops and a reworked luggage cover. Less visible but still noticeable, especially for the ears, is the reworked exhaust system. A total of 3 exhaust options are available, all reducing weight by a minimum of 13 kilograms.

Handling and performance can also be tuned via the Novitec Aventador SV kit, the power can be upped but to 786 PS. Handling can be reworked via various suspension tweaks depending on the wishes of the owner, anything from lowering to sport-springs are available.

Taste is subjective but Team CJ collectively nodded at the sight of the new rims, a huge improvement over the standard Lamborghini Superveloce rims. No word on the pricing on these, nor the rest of the kit.