The second edition of the Nieuwpoort Drivers Days was once again a success with a great variety of events and a great turnout.

The Nieuwpoort Drivers Days is a 2 day event at the end of May which started last year. The event was put on the map not because of its oldtimer rally but because of its electric car rally which marked the first time a rally was organised for electric cars in Belgium. The event hit national press and now the event is back for a second edition with more activities than last year.

The electric rally and oldtimer rally have returned but with the addition of a dreamcar rally, a concours d’elegance and a static show where manufacturers show off their latest models. The electric rally and dreamcar rally took place on Saturday and the oldtimer rally and concours d’elegance took place on Sunday with the static show happening all weekend.

The event attracted a large crowd and even with a short shower on Sunday, it didn’t scare away both spectators and participants as the concours d’elegance attracted cars like the Bentley Blue train, Porsche 959,… Where the event lacked a bit of action Saturday afternoon, it definitely made up for it on Sunday and I would recommend it to every car enthusiast to go too!

We can’t wait to see what the next edition of Nieuwpoort Drivers Days may bring more to the table than this year. After all, this was only the second time the event took place. Mark May 25th & 26th 2019 in your calendars people!