The 992 GT3 RS could also get the biggest engine ever in 911 history.

Rumors about the upcoming 992 GT3 suggested that the next GT3 would go turbo. However 911 boss August Achleitner confirmed that the track-version of the 992 will stay true to that recipe.

Power to the back and a naturally aspirated flat-six revving up to a bonkers 9.000 rpm. That’s been the recipe of the GT3 for years and each generation they’re somehow able to improve it even more.

In a recent interview with Australia’s Wheels, Achleitner told that the 992 GT3 will use the same 4.0 L flat-six. But here producing 3 hp more than the current GT3 RS which sits at 520 hp.
He also said that the RS would get a very small increase in power.
Reports are hinting at the 4.000 cc flat-six currently sitting in the GT3 R race car. Achleitner also hints the engine will be sourced from the racing industry backing the reports above.

The 992 GT3 and GT3 RS will also keep the seven-speed PDK from last generation instead of the 8-speed auto which is quite heavy. Plus, a manual will be offered once again for the GT3. Hooray!

Aerodynamics will be one of the key investments in the next Porsche GT’s along with lighter weight thanks to more carbon plus a magnesium roof. Some things that are already in current GT-cars but Porsche expresses that they’ll go even further with it.

As for track gizmo’s the Porsche engineers will tap into the two 7-inch screens on both sides of the tachometer to provide you with various telemetries you can use while on track.