Henrik Fisker Design has teased two cars ahead of the upcoming Detroit Motor Show, adding a sketch to give the tease more ‘oempf’.

Henrik Fisker is a page I recommend you follow on Facebook, he regularly uploads sketches and teasers about upcoming projects on his timeline. As he recently did with a car he calls the Force 1, set to debut at the Detroit Motor Show. In an interview with Automobile he talked about the Force 1 and revealed that it will be a “up to” 50 unit run. He also revealed that the model was developed in collaboration with a famous racing driver, which was not named in that interview. The price tag is set a sloppy 300k and it will be based on an existing front or mid-engine RWD American car. Corvette anyone?


Henrik Fisker has been slowly been rising from the ashes of the failed attempt at launching the brand Fisker. He has since then build 3 cars, being The Rocket, The Thunderbolt and The Rocket Speedster. All three exceed the term tuning and up in the category Alpina is in, completely reworked cars on every front that is. With these cars he has been entering a new market, a market of truly bespoke cars and has shown that he can live up to the promise.

In a month we’ll see just what the Force 1 and that other model turn out to be, a model from Henrik Fisker Design on which nothing is known.