The New S-Class is coming in September, but until then we’re getting teased some more.

Mercedes released a video teasing us with a few extra facts about the upcoming S-Class.

Key values to the car are safety, comfort, and technical highlights.
One of those highlights is the new collaboration between the Pre-Safe functionalities and the E-Active Body Control.
When a sideways crash is imminent. The E-Active Body Control air suspension lifts the car up by up to 80 mm. This provides the car to reduce the impact on the doors and spread forces throughout the sill of the car.

The next innovation is a new airbag for the rear passengers. It’s stowed away in the back of the front seats and the airbag has a different design than your usual ones. The gas from the airbags travels through special tubes that once it encounters an obstacle, it wraps around it. This means that the airbag can adapt to every person ranging from a small kid to a large adult.

Another addition is the incorporation of rear-wheel steering into the car. But in the S-Class, the rear wheels will be able to steer at an angle of up to 10 degrees which is unseen on a car.
Thanks to this, the S-Class will be able to manoeuvre as tightly as an A-Class.

Finally, there’s the revamped MBUX voice assistant which can handle even more tasks at the same time than before. The heads up display has also been massively upgraded and now displays the AR navigation on your windscreen.

This is only the tip of the iceberg and we can’t wait to see the S-Class in all its glory when it gets released this September.