German engineering knows no bounds.

Over 200 horsepower per liter of displacement in an A-Class? It should be no surprise to you if you’ve been following the rivalry between the German premiums for a while, Audi’s RS3 and Mercedes-AMG’s A45 have been battling for supremacy ever since the A45 became a thing in 2013. Each version of an update saw one trump the other, and for the new Mercedes-AMG A45 it’s no different.

Car Advice heard Tobias Moers, AMG’s big man, say that “over 400 horsepower shouldn’t be a problem.” What is a problem for AMG is that they aren’t currently the ones building the most powerful hyper-hatch around, that’s the 400 horsepower Audi RS3. And that’s probably why Car Advice asked this question, it really is Audi and AMG taking it further and further each launch. Around 30 horsepower is added each facelift or generation is added.

Where Audi is sticking to their relatively old 2.5-liter engine, the new Mercedes-AMG A45 should carry a entirely new 2-liter engine. And you guessed it, that probably means some E-turbos in there too. Don’t expect this to happen soon though, the testing for the new A-Class has only started recently. But rest assured, the 400-mark will be breached.