Times are changing, logos are changing too

Ever since Geely got their hands on Norfolk-based Lotus, the brand has been subjected to what seems to be a total revamp. Lotus has since launched plans for an SUV and showed an almost production ready halo-EV named Evija. And now there’s a new Lotus logo.   

Nothing special right? Well, the marketing chief Simon Clare stated that the brand had stayed true to their philosophy, a philosophy that aims to “simplify and add lightness.” Looking at the new logo compared to the previous version, it’s obvious that the shapes and colours have been simplified.       

Lotus logo

The guys over at Norfolk have changed the shapes and colours of the logo plenty of times over the course of time, the image below shows (courtesy of Autocar.co.uk). In the new trim there’s just 2 colours and far less detailing.

With a 2000 hp and an SUV due in a few years, these minimal changes to the new Lotus logo don’t do the revamp justice. The Lotus we’ve know for so long seems to be gone, it seems time has caught up with it.