The Discovery Sport has been renewed and receives greener engines along with a prestige family focus.

The new Discovery Sport has been reworked with a clear purpose: to be the ultimate family-friendly prestige compact-SUV. To do that, the Disco Sport has undergone some serious changes except for its looks. Yes, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

First of all the car builds further upon the Premium Transverse Architecture (PTA) from Land Rover. The chassis is 13 % stiffer than its predecessor which translates into fewer vibrations and road noise coming into the cabin. On top of that, it also provides top-notch protection in a crash.

The PTA-platform also allows for new drivetrains to pop up. This makes it possible to fit a 48 V mild-hybrid system as you’ve seen on the Evoque already. The starter will act as a generator to harvest energy when slowing down and release that once again when accelerating. Along with that, the Discovery Sport will also feature a plug-in hybrid powertrain and a new Ingenium 3 cylinder diesel engine.
The latter is already compliant with the new RDE2 emission regulations. Six months ahead of its entry. These tests are performed in the real world instead of a laboratory to give closer to real life results. Four-wheel drive versions will feature Driveline Disconnect to reduce friction under certain circumstances.

A More Enjoyable Company

Stepping inside and the Discovery Sport gets some new comfort features too. A wireless charger increases phone comfort. No worries as everyone receives the opportunity to charge their phone with plenty of USB-ports. A 4G Wifi-hotspot should keep everyone in the second and third row happy. Plus they get the possibility to control their individual climate. Neat! No complaining anymore about too hot or too cold.

The Discovery Sport isn’t a true Land Rover without off-road potential. The car can tackle any terrain thanks to the Terrain Response 2 system and the infamous AWD system. It can also wade through 600 mm of water. And finally, it has a neat trick to make the hood invisible.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget about new technologies like the intelligent rear view mirror. With one push of the button, it changes the mirror into a screen that’s giving a 50° view from the top of the rear window. Giving you a wider and more clear view because there’s nothing blocking your view. But also a better one when the light is less than optimal.
Other safety systems like adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, and driver condition monitor come standard. Keeping you and your family safe and sound.

Ready for a family upgrade? The new Discovery Sport will be able to order as of today and start at 38.250 €.