BMW made a rational choice, but that doesn’t mean we can’t mourn

With the second generation of BMW’s hatch originating from 2011, the arrival of the all new BMW 1 Series is no surprise. Nor are the looks, but technically the car has been changed in a way that hurts many car lovers: it is no longer RWD, nor can you spec it to be rear wheel drive. Not that the commuting masses will mind.

But the blue one looks familiar? Yes and no. We’re looking at the new BMW M135i xDrive here. A car that was thought to be killed for the BMW M140i to exist, but with 306 HP and 450 Nm this car seems to be a new level of hot hatch from the brand. Or they’re creating space for a new range topper. How did I reach those conclusions? As the before mentioned M135i was a 320 HP hatch and we all know manufacturers don’t make cars slower as they evolve… Talking about speed, the M135i xDrive reaches a hundred in 4.8 seconds.

More engines are available for the new BMW 1 Series: 118i (140 HP), 116d (116 HP), 118d (150 HP) and the diesel range topper, the 120d xDrive (190 HP). All models can be geared up in true BMW fashion. Meaning you can get sport brakes, sport front axle setup, adaptive dampening and automated transmissions on all of these models. The way the car equipped is available on different levels too, as BMW offers the familiar Luxury Line, Sport Line and M Sport at the top.

As the new 1 now resides on the UKL-platform, the dimensions are somewhat different than what we know from the second-gen. It has grown in width and height a bit, but has actually gotten a 2 centimeters shorter wheelbase. Wether this ruins the handling this thing had remains a very big (and important) question mark. Why? Because of the platform, the new BMW 1 Series isn’t the beloved RWD compact car anymore. It is now front wheel drive or all wheel drive. Let’s hope BWM set the car up in a good way, so good it eases the pain. 

Could they?