More power, more tech, more Überholprestige. 

All hail the fourth generation of the immensely popular flagship avant, the all new Audi RS6 is here and hasn’t succumbed to downsizing or any other form of performance inhibition. Better yet, the 600 HP wagon is also heading towards the States. Is there really no downside to this story? We have yet to find one.

new Audi RS6
600 metric horsepower and 800Nm come from the 4-litre V8

On almost any turf the new Audi RS6 beats the previous generation, even in terms of being environmentally friendly. Say what? Yup, this car benefits from a mild-hybrid setup (similar setup to the CLS450 we drove) that charges when braking, only to aid while launching. A typical win-win where you save the polar bears whilst reducing inertia to a minimum. Zero to a hundred is achieved in a mere 3.6 seconds. Fully opting the performance packages, the fun doesn’t end until the dash read 305 KPH.

The product comes in the businesscase we are all familiar with: anything cool needs to be opted for. You can get ceramics, a 34 kilogram weight drop, if you pay for it. You can get a sports exhaust, if you pay for it. Etc etc. But that makes the car accessible to the ‘masses’, sadly there’s no exact pricing yet.

That the new Audi RS6 is far from the Audi A6 is obvious when you consider the fact that only the trunk, roof and front doors match between those two. The growth is so big that the wheel arches stick out 4 centimeters more on each side! The car is also a full 2 centimeters lower, and above 120 KPH it drops another centimeter. Audi will drop the car onto the markets early 2020.