It has over 700 horsepower, a rear wing stolen right from the GT4 race car but it won’t come with a manual transmission. At least not yet.

It’s been 5 years now since the last Mustang GT500 and Ford really put in some hard effort and lots of testing to make sure this will be the ultimate Mustang of its generation.

Power is what made the GT500 infamous. Particularly the high amount of horsepower they carry. The base engine starts as a 5.2L V8 but it’s not a voodoo. The high revving flat-plane cranck has been swapped for the good old American cross-plane one. However it now features a supercharger. And quite the big one too. A 2.65L blower sits deep down inside the aluminium V8 whislt it pushes up to 12 psi of cool air inside it.

And whislt Ford hasn’t revealed the final horsepower figure of the Mustang GT500 yet, chief program engineer Carl Widmann assured that it’ll be north of 700 horsepower. That makes this pony the most powerful Ford ever built.
It runs the quarter mile in sub-11 seconds whilst accelerating to 100 kmh in the mid-threes. Ford claims that this GT500 accelerates faster than any Mustang they have ever built.

But even though the latest Mustang GT500 runs impressive drag strip times. Ford’s main focus was to make it a track car. The car gets a specifically tuned version of Ford’s Magneride active damping system. Something that was first introduced in the GT350 but is now available throughout the full Mustang line-up.

The controverse component of the Mustang GT500

The next part already causes quite the stir on the internet but Ford opted for a Tremec seven-speed dual-clutch transmission in the GT500. It’s faster than a manual and on track, Ed Krenz, chief functional engineer for Ford Performance explained that a dual-clutch transmission is better because gear changes are smoother and faster meaning it won’t upset the car as much and can accelerate faster out of corners.

And as much as Ford says it doesn’t make much sense to put a manual in the car. It doesn’t rule out the option that they won’t make it available. Ford said that if there’s enough customer interest in a manual option, they will offer one.

A Carbon Fiber Track Pack makes this beast even more menacing than it already is. It adds front splitter endplates, a massive rear wing that is heavily based on the one from the GT4 race car and new ultra-lightweight carbon fiber wheels wrapped in custom Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.
The wing is adjustable in 2 setups, regular and track to increase downforce when needed. Thanks to this, the Mustang GT500 creates more rear downforce than the Ford GT does.

The recipe for the whole car sounds very good and Ford Performance has built up quite the resume of how to make an exciting car. The big badass snake will hit the dealerships this fall.

Pictures by DW Burnett