Hidden in the press release concerning the McLaren lineup in Geneva was a little gem of a MSO P1, a gem that combines the two best thing in this world.

MSO P1’s aren’t something rare, no almost every P1 that left the factory was touched by the bespoke department of McLaren. So why would one write about another MSO P1? Because it combines the (arguably) best two things in the world, being the color blue and carbon fiber.


Lio Blue slightly covering the carbon fiber body isn’t the only thing that lets this MSO P1 stand out from its 374 brethren. A legendary detail from the McLaren F1, a legend on its own, being the gold plated heatshield has found its way to this P1.

The car won’t be the only unique model brought to Geneva by the brand as a one-off 675LT Spider will also be on display. Wearing some carbon fiber accents it is nowhere the rework of the P1, but does still pack a decent ‘bespoke-punch’ with a similar gold plated heatshield.