Unless you’re looking for 205 T16 occasions lately, of course.

The car we’re about to discuss is unique in its own way though. This example might be the most powerful in the world of its model. We’re talking about a custom Peugeot 106, built for Time Attack events. It’s fitted with a widebody kit, but what really makes this shopping cart stand out from the crowd, is the power it produces: a staggering 500 horsepower.

Under de hood, this car features a stock engine: the 1.6 liter 16v 4 cylinder in-line, known from Peugeot’s GTi versions. So where do the crazy numbers of horsepower come from? The answer is something that didn’t fit under the hood anymore. It’s not that hard to notice the massive snail, sticking out of the front. Another reason to install a turbocharger in the front could be fresh airflow, to make sure every single horsepower gets tweaked out of the tiny engine.

Scary lion
YouTuber NM2255 filmed the little monster at Autodromo di Franciacorta, during a Time Attack Italia event. It sounds like an angry hornet that happened to get stuck behind a window. When you see the on-board clips, you will sh*t bricks. Traction is a weak spot for this hot hatch, even in a straight line it is constantly wheelspinning and searching for grip. It might not be the best tracktool, but it is still really quick. For example, a Porsche 997 gets easily overtaken.

As an unexperienced driver you’ll probably have a hard time driving this beast. The driver must continuously correct the car. Beneath that, he shouldn’t get distracted by the flame spitting exhaust in front of the windshield. Still, I really want to get behind the wheel of this machine, although my hands get sweaty even thinking about it.