First world problems have forced English manufacturer BAC to widen the Mono’s cockpit and while they were at it the company added some carbon.

No the BAC Mono wasn’t reworked for that reason alone, I’m just being cynical. The one-seater has alway been a very tight fit, so tight that the company feels it will appeal to a wider audience when offering more space. And so they did, first step in the process was redesigning the steel tube chassis, this improved the space for the driver by 50mm. Second was a rework of the panels, adding an additional 6mm of space. All this didn’t change the dimensions of the BAC Mono.

Every change we make to the Mono is aimed at improving it for our customers, and this upgrade is intended to make the most of the space for the driver. Thanks to the close relationship we enjoy with our customers, we are in regular dialogue with them and this change has come as a result of this. The changes will widen the appeal of the Mono, particularly as we expand into new markets such as America and the Far East.” BAC co-founder Ian Briggs

Carbon for BAC Mono

Adding carbon fiber has never been a bad thing, BAC must have thought the same thing with this rework as the interior panels can now be selected to show their carbon construction.

In addition to these two changes the BAC Mono remains the beast that it is, no other changes were done to the one man joyride machine from England. They might want to step up their game however, as the competition is gaining momentum quick.