Showing off with range, that’s a new thing with EVs

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, and his Twitter account are a source of constant news and entertainment. Although a mortal can’t be bothered to follow the account all year round, it is worth the effort to drop by every now and then. Why? Because he tells things about upcoming models and that includes stuff like the Model 3 range.

Two-hundred-and-fifteen miles (350 km) of range is what the Model 3 promises for now, but Elon twittering last Friday that the car could carry a 75-kWh package changes all that. As the heavier Model S (review here) with a 75-kWh package already manages to cover 249 miles (400 km). Sadly there’s no telling how far that battery will get the lighter, less powerful Model 3.

Whether or not Tesla will increase the Model 3 range with a 75-kWh package isn’t sure though, Elon remains classically vague.