Combining big with big, Mercedes-Benz has just released one of their boldest statements to date with the S65 Convertible.

It’s the second 12-cylinder convertible presented to public this year, with the Rolls Royce Dawn being the first to show itself. When I asked the CEO of Rolls Royce if he saw the S-Class convertible as competition, he clearly stated “No”. It would lack the V12 and the “character”.


Well that’s a little different now that Mercedes has put its 630 PS, 1000 nm strong, 6 liter V12 into the convertible form of the S-Class. The same engine that resides in any other model on offer that ends with a ’65’. In the AMG S65 Convertible it pushes to a hundred in 4.1 seconds and it maxes out at 250 kilometres an hour. That is unless the driver opts for the ‘AMG drivers package’, then it pushes on to 300 kilometers an hour with the roof down.


The S65 Convertible isn’t any different in the luxury it offers the driver compared to the less powerful versions. It still has the same fabric top, the same infotainment, the same transmission and the same airscarf system. There’s however more luxury for the car to ride on, as it now has a specially tuned air suspension that is running on 20″ inch rims. It wasn’t just gains for the car, no there were savings to be made. Compensating for the massive front-weight is a lightweight lithium-ion battery and if the driver demands even less weight, he can opt for the 420mm ceramics.