Mercedes released the CLA Coupé at CES yesterday as a statement that they are continiuing to push the boundaries in providing a virtual assistant.

The Mercedes CLA Coupé is the next addition in the brand’s compact segment. It aims to be the more sporty, high end version above the A-Class sedan. See it as a mini-CLS.

The first CLA Coupé was an enormous success story. Together with the shooting brake they sold over 750.000 units of the car.
The new CLA aims to provide a more emotional experience as well as being more sporty.

The CLA Coupé gets a full overhaul becoming longer and wider in the process. The long front-end bears similarities to a shark and the headlights are noticeably more agressive than the ones you’ll find on the A-Class. Towards the back you’ll notice that the taillights are slimmed down in height but are wider than before resulting in an overall wider looking rear-end.

Inside the car features a lot of similarities we’ve grown accustomed with in the A-Class. However dynamic lines give the CLA a more sportive and luxurious feel. There’s no cover on top of the wide cockpit display and ambient lighting further highlights the car’s design.

Tech fest

The biggest thing that Mercedes is showcasing is its arsenal of technology. This is CES of course.
MBUX keeps learning and evolving on the go. Navigation with augmented reality is a hot topic as well as software that’s able to learn from experience. Virtual voice assistant ‘Hey Mercedes’ continues to be able to take on more complex commands to further increase driver comfort. Mercedes is really aiming to provide a voice assistant that is more intelligent than Siri or Alexa.
It can also detect who voiced the command ‘Hey Mercedes’ so other passengers cannot interfere during your command.
The interior assistant can detect movements during day and night time and can help you get things done more quickly. For example, if you’re driving at night and you reach your hand out to find something in the passenger seat, it can automatically light up that seat for you. As soon as you take your hand out of that zone, the light goes back out.

The CLA Coupé introduced at CES is the CLA250 Orange Art Edition. More diesel and petrol engines will be available at its market launch in May.