Aston Martin’s flagship gets the hardcore treatment. Meet the DB11 AMR with a 630 hp V12 and better handling.

Aston Martin is really going all out with the DB11 AMR. After releasing a V8, V12 and convertible model, its now time to pour the AMR sauce over the DB11.
The DB11 AMR features a true super-GT twin-turbocharged V12 producing 630 hp.

The AMR treatment means that the DB11 AMR gets racing technology applied to the road. There’s 30 more hp available from the 5.2L V12 and the shifter programming has been revised for the 8 speed ZF. Aston Martin also claims that the exhaust is louder which is not bad if you have a V12 under the hood. This means the car goes to 100 kmh in 3.5 seconds and hits a top of  335 kmh.

The chassis has also been tuned for better handling however Aston Martin says that it doesn’t affect ride comfort in a bad way. This is still a GT car and not a hardcore race car.

The first 100 DB11 AMR cars are signature editions like the one you see above. All of these are painted in a Sterling Green with Lime Green accents. The same livery as the Vantage GTE race car. All other AMR’s will feature a black roof, darkened exterior and 20-inch forged wheels. Inside the lime green accents will be dominant referring back to the Aston Martin Racing Team.

The car will be a nice in-between for the DB11 and the upcoming hyper-gt that is the DBS Superleggera. Delivery will start mid summer at a base price of 241.000$.