McLaren MSO XMcLaren is only building ten of these MSO X special editions inspired by the 570 GT4 race car. Fancy getting one? They’re already sold to customers.

McLaren Special Operations might be one of the most bespoke factory customisations brands have to offer. Virtually nothing is impossible with enough money on your hands. Their latest creation is called the MSO X.

It’s a special edition GT4-style 570S built specifically for customers of McLaren Newport Beach. The company’s largest retailer in North America.
The MSO X is commisioned to look like the GT4 car but in a street-legal 570S package. Upgrades include racing seats, a six-point harnass, an exposed carbon fiber monocoque, center storage console delete in the interior.
The exterior includes a functional roof snorkel, front canards, a titanium exhaust, carbon fiber bodywork and a big wing that creates an extra 100 kgs of downforce.

If you were looking into buying one of these race-inspired MSO X 570S’s  you’ll have to settle on getting a used one in the future since all 10 have been sold already. Price? Unknown but they won’t get any cheaper, that’s for sure.