McLaren wants to continue highlighting the practicality of its Sport Series cars and that continues during the winter months by releasing bespoke winter tyres.

Ever thought about running bespoke winter tyres on your McLaren? Driving a supercar during the winter months is something only a few do. And even less people will run them on winter tyres.
In an effort to push owners at using their car all year long, McLaren releases a bespoke compound in collaboration with Pirelli.

When temperatures drop below 7 °C, it is recommended to switch over to a winter tyre since summer tyres will lose grip more easily. The different thread pattern and different compound makes sure the car holds tight to the asphalt. The Sottozero compound has been developed to suit the 540C, 570S and 570GT. Wrapped in that Sottozero compound is a lightweight 14-spoke alloy wheel.

McLaren has offered this set of bespoke winter tyres to make life more easily for its customers. It keeps the summer set unharmed from winter conditions as well as providing more grip when its needed.
Also in certain countries you’re required by law to fit winter tyres so it more or less just filling up the gap that customers have been asking for.

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