A big power jump, more displacement and a logical name. The upcoming ‘720S’ is looking very promising

Interesting news popped up today on AutoGespotnews concerning McLaren’s upcoming 650S successor. There’s been plenty of hype surrounding the P14 prototype, the company’s codename for the project, and that hype seems to be justified if we’re to believe this recent news about a ‘McLaren 720S’.

Nearly 50 horsepower more than the 675LT, the McLaren 720S is not the most subtlest form of growth. Same goes for every other fact that was unearthed, except for the use of the brand’s MonoCell. Its shape is expected to be unlike anything the brand has shown before, its engine is new and there’s a dynamic dashboard. This dashboard should move down when track-mode is activated, giving the driver a better view than ever. 

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Sure, the dashboard sounds cool but what you should really be paying attention to is the engine. A growth to 4-liters for the V8 is the most interesting to say the very least. Will this add weight? Or was the block strong enough to cope with increased displacement? Combine that with the development of hybrid models with a similar hybrid-layout as the P1 and you’ll get the point. Facts that we’ll sadly have to wait for.