You win. You party hard.

You thought the M4 GTS was going to be the most expensive resale M4? Think again. As BMW has just announced the M4 DTM Championship Edition and there will be only 200 units of them opposite to the 700 GTS units. It doesn’t stop there however.

Powered by the same engine as the GTS, the DTM celebration will be nearly a copy of that car. It will have no rear seats either, with that earlier mentioned engine comes the same 500 horsepower output and the same 3.8 seconds to a hundred time. What is different all lies on the outer shell of the M4 DTM Championship. A car build to celebrate 2 championship wins in 3 years.

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No word on it in the press release but it appears that the DTM edition won’t have the same modular aero as the GTS. Instead it looks fixed. Same goes for the rims, these aren’t available in anything other than lightweight metal. No carbon rims for this soon-to-be collectors item. Last on the list is its livery and paint. They only come in the flavor you see in the gallery.

If you want one, you’d better run to the dealership as you’ll probably have to move a mountain to get one. Oh and pay 148.500 euros (in Germany) of course.