The gap between the BMW M4 and the M4 GTS is big, that big that a Spanish model bridging that gap is very welcome. The M4 Competition Sport finally shows its face after a month of rumors.

The M4 Competition Sport is one desirable machine but before I get you wanting it to much, it is necessary to inform you that the model is sadly limited to 60 units and that they’re all heading for Spain. Armed with traits from the M4 GTS, the Competition Sport is a very serious piece kit.

Where the GTS is equipped with 500 PS, the M4 Competition Sport has 50 horsepower less to play with. In retrospect, the CS doesn’t use the hyper-high-tech water injection to increase to boost efficiency, explaining its lower output. All that 450 horsepower do push the M4 Competition Sport to a hundred in just 4 seconds flat and it won’t stop until air resistance wins at 280 KPH. The fast acceleration is aided by the fast twin-cluth transmission it borrows directly from the GTS.

Sport is a honest word in the name of the limited model, as the race-ready ceramics are standard. Backing up the ‘sport-part’ is the looks, with 20″ inch rims and carbon accents. Seeing the gigantic response this model it is getting, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a less limited edition pops up in the future. For now, we can only envy the Spanish. Muy bueno.