As sketchy as the average costume, less tasteful than the candy and as cheap as it can get. You’ll find them here

Not every brand joins in on the automotive Halloween madness, it is after all a western thing. But every segment of the market seems to be covered, from performance to budget cars. But you can take it further than that, car names can get a weird twist if you think of them with Halloween in the back of your head. How about an Alfa Romeo Spider, Lamborghini Diablo or a Volkswagen Beetle? Creepy right?

Here’s what some of the manufacturers made this year!


Mercedes AMG isn’t using a recent model in the halloween advert, instead it stars the highly desirable C63 Black Series. And it would seem that even the ghosts can’t resist driving this car…

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Alfa Romeo 

Hashtag fun for the Italians it would seem! #TrackOrTreat, we sure know which we’d go for. Sadly the Americans aren’t getting the QV with a manual, that news dropped today.



Audi just goes weird for Halloween this year, their in this list because of that. Weird is fun too right? You can find it here. They had more up their sleeves though..

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Are you a hardcore pumpkin carver and crazy about running people over? Then Ford is you’re best friend this Halloween season. They’ve conjured a set stencils to help you carve Mustangs into you’re pumpkins. Yes, very disturbing. 

Automotive halloween


 Renault..yeah this could be strange or this even about Halloween?


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