The fight against emissions is in full swing. It is time for Fiat to join the fight. There two smallest cars get a hybrid-makeover and will reduce the CO2 for the brand.

A plug-in hybrid or big batteries aren’t in the schedule -for now. But Fiat can reduce the CO2 of the Panda and 500 thanks to a 12-volt system in combination with 1.0-litre three-cylinder FireFly petrol engine producing 70 hp. In comparison with the 69 hp 1.2-litre, this setup will produce 30 per cent less CO2 and will also use less fuel.

Soon we will also welcome the new Fiat 500 -more information this year- that will have a fully electric drive. But for now, Fiat turns the spotlight on the Panda and 500 hybrids that we can expect next year.