We knew it was coming and that it wouldn’t take long. However, Jaguar never intended it to be here this soon. We were really looking forward to this car.

The Jaguar F-Type R was already a completely a crack-brained car. So much that Jaguar decided to expunge the AWD option from the option list and to equip it with all-wheel drive as standard. The R characterized itself from the other F-Types by its engine, the 5-liter supercharged V8.

The SVR pulls up its socks and brings the maximum output of 550bhp up to 575bhp and 700Nm. Zero to sixty is done in 3,7 seconds and the SVR Coupe goes on till the clock says 200mph. It sits on new, lighter 20″ alloys and the SVR’s body is partly redesigned for a more aggressive look and to improve the aerodynamics. On the back, we see the notably wide wing that comes up at 70mph and a rear diffusor.

Jaguar reduces the weight by adding the lightness this car needed. For a sports car, the F-Type is quite heavy. A new titanium exhaust and carbon-ceramic brakes help and carbon fiber components can be found in various places.

Due to the brochure that was put online early by a German the photos leaked. Sales can be expected later this year.