Tuning a special edition is blasphemous? Not according to German Tuner Arden, this was obvious when they presented their latest concoction this week. A tuned version of the Rang Rover SVR, a seriously tuned version. Well to to be precise actually, but let me tell a thing or two about Arden first.

In 1972 Jochen Arden laid the first stones for the brand, hence the company name. This company immediately aimed its sight at the English manufacturers and in 1982 the first contract was signed with Jaguar. In the years following the start of ‘Arden’ they took part in all sorts of events and began to spread internationally. In 1990 the company Arden GmbH was founded and this is the company as we know it today. They are now know for the extensive modification on the interior, exterior and engine bay of cars from Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley and Mini.

Their latest project involved the not to shabby 550 horsepower strong Range Rover SVR. Earlier they released a software tuning kit that pushed to car up to 603 horsepower and 722 nm of torque, but this latest project involved work on the supercharger. This supercharger kit pushes the car  up to an insane 688 horsepower and 800 nm of torque. Sadly no performance figures were presented to us. Fuel consumption is going to be issue, not money wise I suppose, but more range wise. Luckily this car will mainly inhabit streets of urban areas instead of open plains. Prices on the software kit are 5831 euros and the supercharger kit  is listed as ‘price on demand’.