Hooray: using hybrid technology is saving the NA engine….kinda

Painted in Verde Gea in the press images, this is the brand new Lamborghini Sián. And yes, it’s a hybrid setup powering the latest horned monster to come from Italy. And as you’re all familiar with by now, sport cars and hybrid setups make for a food marriage. 

How good is this marriage? Good enough to leave room for a 785hp, naturally aspirated V12. Combine that engine with a 48-volt hybrid setup and you’re looking at a combined effort of 819hp. This joint venture of an ICE and electrics can push the Lamborghini Sián to a hundred in just 2.8 seconds and the climax sets in at 350kph. All that happens whilst the V12 can scream up to a high pitched 8500 rpm.

63 units of the Lamborghini Sián, meaning lightning in Italian, will be produced by the brand. That number is referring to the year the brand was founded, 1963. Keep an eye on Mitja Borkert’s Instagram account to see some of the different liveries the brand will be offering. Those carbon details and dramatic lines are bound to pull in plenty of eyes. Stay tuned for the live shots on our own channels.

Btw..did you know one of our members wears the same name?

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