Fast family cars, it’s a breed on its own. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Aston Martin Rapide, Bentley Mulsanne, Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Matic+ … there are some different choices. But nothing so impressive as this one, the Koenigsegg Gemera.

500 or 600 hp, that’s cute in a family car. Koenigsegg gives you 1.724 hp and 3.500 Nm of torque, let those numbers sink in. The Mega-GT, mega for megawatt, has 3 electro engines. Two of those engines provide power to the rear wheels and one power the front axle, altogether good for 1.115 hp. Thanks to the TFG -Tiny Friendly Giant-, you get the total power output of 1.724 hp and 3.500 Nm. The TFG is a camless 2.0-liter three cylinder with 609 hp and 600 Nm, more than 300 hp per liter.

The electrical top speed is 300 km/h and thanks to the 16,6 kWh-battery the range is 50 km. The combustion engine gets the four-wheel-drive ‘egg 950 km further on one tank. Pretty good for a 1.850 kg weighing hyper family car. But will it be comfy enough on those 20-inch, in the front, and 21-inch, in the back, rims to be your family-cruizer.

The total length of the car is 4,98 meter and 1,98 meter wide. The carbon-fiber monocoque gets a wheelbase of 3 meter en to cope with that, the car got rear-wheel steering. Most of this sounds like a spaceship. But this car got adaptive cruise control, lane assist, 360°-camera, driving modes (wet, normal, track), infotainment system, 2 induction chargers, …

So yes! It is a car.