Luxury and logic may not always mix but sometimes that clash leads to the creation of the most bizar machines. And this is one of them

A high-performance version of a road car is rarely a convertible and for good reason. As the roofless versions of cars are often heavier due to their design. Yet demand is big enough to force manufacturers into creating illogical and bizar machines: convertible track-weapons. McLaren has their 675LT Spyder and now Lamborghini has their Huracan Performante Spyder. Freshly unveiled at the annual Geneva madness, this car promises to be nothing but an excellent entertainer. 

Little less than a year ago we came across the prototype of the Huracan Performante Spyder while it was testing at the ‘Green Hell’. Since then little was heard of this car, probably so that the brand could fully focus on the launch of their proverbial cashcow, the Urus. It looks like the prolonged wait was worth while though, as the logic-defining Spyder is more theatrical than the average populistic politician. Packed with an NA, 640HP V10, the open Huracan is offering the best seat yet for the exhaust’s symphony. A seat bolted onto a chassis aided by active aero. Not to mention the reworked suspension. 


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Weight is still an issue for this arachnid though, it does however lose 35 kilograms compared to the ‘stock’ car. Making the baby Spyder weigh just over 1.5 metric tons. Performance is still very much a trick this car can offer though. It hits a hundred in 3.1 seconds and maxes out at 325 KPH. Most drama happens from 0-to-200, as the Huracan Performante Spyder leaps across that gap in just 9.2 seconds. 

You know it: the car is simply a roofless version of a car you already knew. But you won’t hear anyone driving this complain about that.