Pagina is offering a new package for the Huayra and it includes nifty aero and a hefty price tag. Named the Huayra Pacchetto Tempesta package, its name alone is enough to make you want to check it on the option list.

The Pacchetto Tempesta package has been launched by Pagani and will be available for the Huayra, existing cars included. Handeling is what forms the foundation of this package, translating into a lot of adjustments but no power increase. The package was already partially revealed at this years Geneva Motor Show but now the full package is here.

“This translates to an even more responsive behavior compared to the Huayra Coupè, further reducing the roll and pitch for a sporty yet comfortable driving experience,” – Pagani.

Developed alongside the hardcore Huayra BC, the Pacchetto Tempesta package feels like BC-light version. Offering similar kind of goodies found on the BC but just a little less pronounced. It has reworked suspension to further optimize the handeling, no word on how stiff those Ohlins have become though. And then there’s the aero, again less present but made in the glorious material we call carbon fiber. The aero parts include a larger front splitter, a closed underbody and rear diffuser.

A new set of rims are also included in the Pacchetto Tempesta package, in addition to their new looks the 20″ and 21″ rims are lighter than what’s currently on offer by Pagani. Last but not least is the new titanium exhaust developed for the Huyara, it is included in the Tempesta package and offers a far better note and reduces the weight by 3 kilograms.

The package will set you back as much as a small apartment, or an expansion of your supercar-fleet for that matter. How much you ask? a whopping 160.000 dollars.

Header images belongs to Henry JMW