Seat’s Sales & Marketing boss is running a ‘prototype’ Seat Leon ST Cupra with more power. And he hints that this version might make it into production.

That’s right, an even Faster Seat Leon ST Cupra R could soon be reality. How soon? We’re talking about next year and it’ll make up to 340 hp from its 2.0L turbo engine.

Wayne Griffiths, Seat’s Sales & Marketing boss, told AutoExpress that he’s running a bespoke Leon ST with more power, an ABT-exhaust and 20-inch wheels. The stealthy ‘prototype’ is wearing a black paint with copper details around the car. Inside it has an uprated sound system and other interior tweaks.

Griffiths told AutoExpress he sees a gap in the market for a true and raw performance car. “People who buy Audi RS or BMW M always have something to prove. Our Cupra customers prefer to exercise restraint in the pursuit of performance and handling.
He said that he received positive feedback on the ‘mule’ he was running and that engineers were looking into turning it into something that they could roll out to their customers. Something like a Seat Leon ST Cupra R.

While the upcoming Leon Cupra R is a 310 hp front wheel drive car, the Leon ST Cupra R could benefit from the Cupra ST’s AWD system and DSG gearbox. Running 340 hp would be effortless.

Griffiths said that you could expect a Seat Leon ST Cupra R at your local dealership somewhere in 2018. He also stated that he’s planning to create a more standalone identity for Cupra and that a ‘Cupra Line’ would be something that gets introduced onto every car from the small Ibiza to the big SUV’s.

What do you think of the upcoming Leon ST Cupra R and the direction Griffiths likes to take with the Cupra brand? Let us know down below.