When you have the ability to hack a Tesla Model 3, then Tesla is willing to pay you 500.000 dollars to succeed. It’s legit!

Tesla did it again. They have shocked the world with some strange news. This time Tesla is willing to pay a hacker or a group of hackers to take on there Model 3 at Pwn2Own, a hackers convention in Canada between 18 and 20 march for those people who want to use their superpowers for good.

It sounds easy, hack a Tesla Model 3 and win 500.000 dollars (450.000 euros). To win the money you need to hack the Model 3 on three different systems. If you can only hack one or two, Tesla rewards you with another price. Hack the Autopilot and earn 50.000 dollars, get administrative access to the infotainment system and you also win 50.000 dollars and finally if you hack the computer system that makes it possible to communicate with the other systems will get you 100.000 dollars.

We are curious whether someone will succeed in this quest.