Before Maserati waves off its GT road racer, they’re preparing a final goodbye in the shape of a Granturismo Zagato.

A Maserati Granturismo Zagato? We like the sound of that! Before the Granturismo ends production in March 2018 due to new emission regulations, its going to get a final goodbye model. And that model will come from coachbuilder Zagato. In a limited run, Zagato will build a very special version of the Granturismo. Staying true to its original design language but mixed with some Zagato sauce. Sadly our source couldn’t confirm more details about the car or its release date.

As the Granturismo will reach the end of its life cycle after more than 10 years. A completely new Granturismo is being developed. Rumoured to be powered by a V6-hybrid, the new Granturismo will be hit the market in 2020. Just like its long awaited 2-seater cousin, the Alfieri 

Where or when the Granturismo Zagato is going to be released is only a matter of time. But if we look at what Zagato and Aston Martin make. It’s going to be extremely sexy.

Let us know what you think the Granturismo Zagato is going to look like. Will it have similar design references as the Vanquish?