What’s better than watching a group of track focused BAC Mono’s going sideways on an ice lake in Sweden? Driving them of course! 

If you’ve never heard about the BAC Mono then here’s a little background info. Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is a small British sports car manufacturer located in Liverpool. They are the creators of the Mono, one of the fastest street legal cars on the planet. It’s essentially a 305 hp, 580 kg single seater that does 0-100 kmh in 2.8 seconds and will easily beat most supercars around a racetrack. 

Now back to the main story. BAC hosts various events for their customers, those include track days but also a few out of the ordinary days. Like a track day on a frozen lake for example. BAC took their customers on a frozen lake driving experience in Are, Sweden.

The Mono’s are famed for their on track capabilities and as it seems it’s also an amazing ice circuit racer. In this four-day adventure Mono owners took their car to Sweden. The BAC team laid out a few track layouts on the ice lake and instructors helped owners drive better and faster on ice.
Sub-zero conditions proved to push the limits of both owners and their cars. But it also allows for BAC to get acces to a lot more information about the car in harsh conditions.

Being a Mono owner means you’re part of a very tight BAC family. Like-minded enthusiasts who come together to celebrate their love for driving. In May, the BAC family will once show how awesome it is to be a part of it by going to the Isle of Man and celebrate the thrill of speed. Want to join? A 125.000 € cheque will give you the ticket to your own Mono and an opportunity to join a fun family. 

Anyway if you’re not able to buy a BAC Mono, enjoy this beautiful Ice Driving Film and see what it’s like to be part of the family.