We’ve all grown accustomed to it now how the 911 line-up rolls out but that doesn’t make the new 992 Convertible less impressive to look at.

Same new, same old. Starting off with the new 911 Coupé that’s fully tech loaded and cutting off the roof. That’s how we get the 992 Convertible.

It boasts the same 3.0L turbo flat-six found in the Coupé with 450 hp and 528 Nm’s. 0-100 takes just 3.4 seconds when you select the 4S with Sport Chrono Package. And with a top speed of 306 for the rwd version compared to 302 for the awd model there’s not a lot to cry about. When would you ever want to drive that fast with a convertible cruiser anyway?

The roof opens and closes in a blistering 12 seconds and at a max speed of 50 kmh. Looks are a bit disrupted from the canvas folding roof. The back somehow looks way too high. But that’s a sacrifice you have to take in a convertible sometimes. The return experience is more than worth it.

The orders for the 992 Convertible Carrera S and Carrera 4S are now open with deliveries scheduled just in time for the summer. Price starts at 137.000 € and 145.000 € respectively.

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