Ferrari has revamped its mid-range supercar and calls it the F8 Tributo. But can we still say its mid-range with 720 hp?

A few days ago, Ferrari released the 488 GTB replacement called the F8 Tributo. Tributo means “a celebration of excellence” and this one pays hommage to one of the most powerful Ferrari V8’s in history.

So whilst the name is a little different of what we’re used to, this is no special series car. The new F8 Tributo is powered by the 3.9L turbo-V8 we’re all familiar with. But compared to the 488 the car now puts out 50 more horsepower. Landing it at 720 hp and 770 Nm’s of torque. The car is also 40 kg lighter than the 488 was and is also 10% more aerodynamic.

With just 80 hp shy of the 812 Superfast, can we really still call this a mid-range car?

Design clues have been taken from the 488 Pista like the S-duct leading air through the bumper intake and onto the hood for improved downforce. Restyled headlights have been made smaller and feature better cooling to the brakes. To the back the car takes on the same double rear lights that we’ve seen on the GTC4Lusso and 812Superfast. Along with a subtle louvered engine cover hinting to one of Ferrari’s most iconic turbo V8’s. The louvres held extract hot air from the engine compartiment without disturbing the air gliding towards the rear.
It looks really good but we can’t help to notice that the roof design and wing mirrors have remained unchanged since the 458.

No word on how much it’ll cost but we’ll guess it’s going to be around the same, maybe a little more than the outgoing 488.

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