Mercedes continues to grow its niches at the bottom of its range with the new CLA Shooting Brake combining style and space.

When Mercedes announced that they wouldn’t make another CLS Shooting Brake we were struck with grief. At the same time we also heard that they would continue making the CLA Shooting Brake because of its success. And now in time for Geneva we have our first hands on look at it.

42. That’s how many models are in the Mercedes family at this very moment. And the CLA Shooting Brake is the latest addition in the A-Class segment which now consists of 6 cars.

So in general, most of the car is the same as the recently unveiled CLA CoupĂ©. It has the same shark nose, the same gorgeous interior, the same clever technologies. But it’s at the back where things are a whole lot different. The bootspace increases by 10 L compared to its predecessor with 505 L. It’s also 45 L bigger than the boot of the coupĂ©. And the width of the loading compartment opening has increased by a staggering 236 mm meaning its easier than ever to get a body in.

As with the previous CLA Shooting Brake, the back is practical like an estate but elegantly sloped at the same time. A combination that weirdly worked ridiculously well in sales on the CLA but somehow didn’t work as well with the CLS.
Anyway the new CLA Shooting Brake looks stunning and should be ready for the market in September. Don’t want to wait? Well you can always find something else in Mercedes’ massive lineup.

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