After lots of small details about the Valkyrie we finally have some numbers that really show us how impressive this beast is. 1160 should be one of them.

The Valkyrie just continues to impress and push the boundaries. At Geneva, Aston Martin unveiled the first working prototype and it’s got some extra juicy tricks like water repellent air filters and an articulating windscreen wiper. More on that down below.

We’ll cut straight to business. The total power output of the Aston Martin Valkyrie is 1160 hp and 900 Nm’s of torque. This power comes from the Cosworth developed V12 which revs to 11.100 rpm. If you haven’t seen the video going into full detail about the engine. It’s worth your time.

The Cosworth naturally aspirated V12 by itself produces 1.000 hp and 740 Nm’s of torque whilst the Rimac hybrid system supplies the remaining 160 hp and 280 Nm’s. Aston Martin says they’ve taken inspiration from Formula 1 cars of the 1990’s and have used all the progress from the last 20 plus years to make this the cutting edge of performance.

Wiper blade

Now back to those air filters. Because the Valkyrie’s air intake is positioned at the top of the car, there’s the possibility for water to enter the intake when it’s raining. To prevent the intakes from getting flooded, they fitted it with an ultra thin air filter that’s water repellent.
The rear wing also benefits from a military grade coating to prevent the heat from melting that carbon fiber.
And whilst a windscreen wiper is normally not something that needs a lot of thought or design. That is not the case on Valkyrie. For starters the wiper is made out of carbon fiber instead of conventional materials to further reduce weight.
And since the cockpit is very LMP1 style, it’s very domed and angled. To meet regulations, your wiper blade needs to cover a certain percentage of the windscreen. To make this possible, Aston Martin designed a driveshaft within the wiper blade. This basically articulates the wiper around the windscreen to cover the full windscreen.

There’s not a lot that we still don’t know about the Valkyrie. It’s now eagerly waiting to see (and hear) the first prototypes (like this one) on the road. The first deliveries should be ready by the end of this year.

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