Our last day of our trip trough Germany we visited the Nürburgring to spy on manufacturers during their testing.

We woke up to the sound of engines roaring trough the mountains of Eifel in which the Nürburing is located. It was only 8 o’ clock and the prototypes were already driving about. We quickly grabbed our gear and started spying.


I hadn’t spied before but Ward taught me what he learned from a friend named Wilco Blok. One of the biggest things to remember when you’re spyshotting at the Nürburgring is that nothing is what it seems. That was confirmed to me when Audi A8’s with VW logo’s or twin turbo V10’s drove by. We looked up some testing facilities and tried not to disturb the working people too much, although Audi did park a Q5 in front of our car when their new A5 Sportback drove of towards the Nürburgring.


After driving past these facilities and taking some shot, we decided to grab some moving shots at Brünnchen and head homewards after that. Much to our surprise a second generation Honda NSX drove by, but that wasn’t all. The coming days we be posting stuff from the spying we did, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram.

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