Aston Martin has released to production spec and the final name of their latest hypercar. Out goes codename AM-RB 001, in goes Valkyrie.

After the teaser and release of the name yesterday we finally got our first views onto the latest child of Red Bull and Aston Martin. And goes by the epic name of Valkyrie.

The name follows a fine tradition of Aston Martins using the ‘V’ designation. The name started in 1952 with the DB2 Vantage to distinguish the high performance car from the standard one. It was a name that was kept exclusively to the most potent versions of that car.
That legacy was broken by the Vantage in 2005 but the name continued in the form of the Virage, Vanquish and the Aston Martin Vulcan.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie continues that tradition and brings the designation up to a whole new level. The car is powered by a Cosworth 6.5 V12 , the V12 spits out flames just behind the engine as the exhausted is placed just behind the glass engine cover. Along with the V12, the car features electric motors developed by the guys over at Rimac, there’s no details on the power output offcially out there but rumors say 1200hp. Hooked up in a very lightweight chassis and you know it’ll be amazing.

With the help of aerodynamic wizards at Red Bull Racing the car is out for some serious competition. Creating up to 1.800 kg’s of downforce and being able to pull 4 lateral G’s during cornering. As a reference the Viper ACR makes almost 1.000 kg’s of downforce and is able to pull 1.5 G during cornering.

Limited to only 150 cars it’ll be a very sought-after car. Want one? That might be a problem because all of them have already been sold out for 3 million $.