Aston Martin Racing = AMR 

Aston Martin understands that limited-edition cars are a hot market, and so they decided to see how a limited subbrand called AMR would work. And judging by their Rapide AMR and Vantage AMR Pro, they seem to have hit proverbial gold. Clean looks, details from Zagato models, carbon beyond logic and the infamous Aston Martin racing colors, that sums up Aston Martin AMR for you. 

Aston Martin AMR

To launch their new sub-brand, Aston Martin showcased two models at Geneva this year. One was the Rapide AMR and the other the Vantage AMR Pro, the last one being the absolute king. Clearly cutting the brand into two versions, Aston Martin now offers their models in the likes of what AMG used to do way back: performance models and totally bonkers performance models. Both get more power and performance enhancements, but the Pro-version should offer a true track-feel on the road. 

Where the Rapide AMR packs 600hp, the Vantage AMR PRO packs 507hp (GT8 comes in 446). Which means both get around a 40hp increase, not too shabby. Both get a unique exhaust, both get a new look and aero, but the coolest by far is that the Pro-models get a roll cage slapped into them.

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The want is strong here over at CJ. We’re not alone, as their CEO coundn’t even resist: “I’ll have one in my garage for sure.” Let’s see just what they can come up with in the future, a Aston Martin AMR DB11 should be quite interesting.