After last month’s teasers, Alpina has revealed the all new Alpina B5 G30 

The B5 is Alpina’s latest interpretation of what a fast BMW can be. The new Alpina B5 features the same 4.4L Bi-turbo V8 which can also be found in the latest B7. It produces 615hp and 800 Nm’s of torque. 

Furthermore the Alpina B5 showcases even further performance that should get the heart beating harder: a Vmax of 330 kph, 0-100 in just 3.5 and 200 is reached in just 11.4 seconds. Still not convinced? The B5 gets all the best suspension goodies you’d want, which includes rear-axle steering and body-roll control. 

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Also expect the car to come in the form of a touring as well. That could make the choice of ultimate family wagon even harder, as no BMW M5 touring is expected to ever happen. It would be up against the brand new Mercedes-AMG E63 and the relatively outdated RS6 Avant. 

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